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Q:  How long does it take to complete a "Custom" piece?
A:  That will vary with the intricacy of the design and how many other projects I am working on at the time. Normally I can complete a piece in 2-4 weeks. It will also depend on the time of year, if it is near Christmas I am going to need more time. The more time you can give me the better.
If you are looking for Trophies, I NEED time to pour, dry, clean & fire, then glaze and re-fire them. I might need to order glaze if you are looking for more than 10 trophies at a time. For an example; I just completed an order for 32 trophies and it took almost 3 months from start to finish. I only had ONE mold to start with, then ordered a second one, now have 6 of that particular horse head and base. Molds need time to dry in between pouring or they wear out to fast.

Q:  How do I determine the price of a "Custom" piece?
A:  I start with my "Stock" price which is 2 1/2 times the cost of the greenware, or as marked in the catalog pages, then figure the time needed to complete the "Custom" work. If it looks very intricate I am going to charge more than if the design is fairly simple. Until I see what you want it is hard to determine the final cost, but I will give you a quote, then will need a non-refundable deposit (half the cost) before I start on "Custom" piece.

Q:  What are "Stock" designs?
A:  These are designs I tend to paint regularly, the samples page shows some stock designs, more can be seen here: catalog pics/Stock Designs.pdf I use neutral colors, but can do them in any color you would like. I might have added more designs since this PDF was published, check with me if you don't see what you want.

Q:  Do you ship?
A:  I can ship UPS, (if you have a business address it is cheaper, and it cannot be a PO box) or USPS. When the item is finished I will get you an accurate shipping cost before the final payment is due.

Q:  Do you take credit cards?
A:  We take Master Card, Visa & PayPal. With the credit cards you will need to call me, or I will call you, this site is not secure and with PayPal I can invoice you via e-mail




Talk to Me!

I can custom paint from pictures you send me via e-mail or the actual photos. I will return any photos supplied, when the job is complete.

If I am painting a statue I will need as many photos from different angles ESPECIALLY if the animal has markings like an Appaloosa or Paint. I cannot paint what I cannot see! If there is tack on the animal and you want it painted with out and there are markings under the saddle I will need pictures with out the saddle on.

There are links (on my Links Page) to a site (Creative-Hobbies) where you can look at glazes to decide on colors for things like canisters, or if I am doing trophies.

I can "Alter" greenware while it is wet, add on things like the cookie cut out shapes, make a stallion (not a stallion), texturize a piece and much more.