Sample Designs

Horseramics/Mad Ceramics
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Sample Stock Designs

Abstract Horse

Bowl  Dip Chillers  Spoon rests

Brushstroke Horses

Crock bowl Bottom of Crock Bowl Round Box Brushstroke Horse Jar Brushstroke Horse Bowl

Carriage Driving:

 Vases Driving  Box vinegar etched Driving  Vases DrivingRound Box Driving Horse   Wagon wheel coaster


Rodeo Tray & Vase Wine Cooler, bowl Cowboy design   Cowboy plate
Cowboy Tray, Bowl & Grease pot

PlaquesHand Painted Phrase Plaques / Oval

I think it's STRESS.
Trails End.
I'm having a BAD HAIR day.
Just Foalin Around.
Buck Off.
Ride naked...put some color in your cheeks.
Color my world with spots. (Appy or Paint)
Trot on in.
Horse Lovers are Stable People.
Eventers do it over JUMPS!
I Whisper...But my Horse won't Listen!
Insanity doesn't run in my Family....It GALLOPS!
Home is where my horse is.
 Driven to Drive.
Driven to Distraction.
My hobby is driving me buggy.
Extended Trot.
Women & Horses do as they please....
Men & Dogs better get used to it!

Potato Chip PlaqueI have a SPOTTED Horse, Paint comes in cans & Pintos are beans.
Women with Whips are 82% more likely to get what they want.
Ride a Draft Horse....It will make your Butt look smaller!
Don't Squat with our Spurs on!
Green Machine: $ in manure out.
I used to have $ now I have hor$e$.
EQUINOMICS: the rapid dispersal of a horse owners ca$h!
Horses are like Potato can't have JUST ONE!
CDE's The need for SPEED!

Stock Designs

This page shows "Stock" designs on various pieces and shows various Equine disciplines.

If you don't see what you are looking for feel free to contact me with your ideas.

The Photo Gallery shows some of the "Custom" Work I have done, check it out.

Added Texture/Greenware

Textured Vase Southwest Vase

Stamped Design

Tart Burner


Sandwich Plate Mule dish

Mare, Stallion & Foal

3 horse head JarCookie Jar

Bubble Technique

Bubble Jar Horse Pitcher