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All prices are for Finished Ware
Samples of the "slumped" shapes available are below

Please Note: I do not do production line work. Each piece is individually Hand Painted.

  Glass Rounds
Glass slumped swirled fluted 
Above 10" round glass
Below 8" Round glass
$35.00  Finished

Also available straight fluted slump see Watermelon & Black Glass to the right.
Glass Squares
Square Glass sizes 6"-10"
$35.00  10"
$30.00 6"Finished

Two square shapes are also window glass but when they are gone I can still get "Warm Glass"
Sq cornered Glass PlateRectangular plate is limited to the number of pieces of "Window Glass"
I have left in the shop cut to this shape.
$45.00  Finished
Glass Black Suare Black glass Slumped with a straight fluted edge

Candle Glass
 Candle holders are square glass, slumped to this shape and can be created from 4" to 8" squares of Glass in Clear, White or Black
$20-35.00  Finished